OneWalk - Downtown Toronto Takeover

Downtown Toronto Transit Advertising Campaign

The Challenge

Create ad campaign for launch of a new event.

My Role

Art Direction, design & copywriting.

Project Summary

This campaign was the mass public-launch of OneWalk to Conquer Cancer in Toronto. The event is very unique in that it allows you to choose which cancer the money you raise goes towards. This deeply personal aspect to fundraising was at the core of the project. The concept was the event has both personal benefits and benefits to everyone effected by cancer. We had two different sets of copy for each of our "characters" which were strategically placed for both targeted market as well as viewing time. For example, ads placed on subway trains would feature quotes about why the character is participating, due to the longer amount of time spent on trains gave the viewer more time to read the information.


OneWalk to Conquer Cancer

OW Bus Shelter
Bus shelter
OW Train Ad
Subway train ad
Underground PATH ad
OW Station Exterior
Train station ad - Exterior
OW Station Interior
Train station ad - Interior
OW Square Web Ad
300x250 web ad
OW Landscape Web Ad
720x90 web ad
OW Web Ads All Sizes
Web ads - All sizes
OW Full Campaign
Full campaign artwork